Tiger Prints is a company devoted to the art and science of additive manufacturing.  We 3D print customized, individual parts and models which are shipped directly to you.  We turn your dreams into reality!

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  • Hire a DESIGNER to make even your most complex visions real.
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  • Models & Figures

  • Decorations

  • Do-It-Yourself and Hobby

  • Strong, flexible, glow in the dark & more!

  • Useful parts and replacements

  • Magnets and gifts

  • Engineering Projects

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What Is 3D Printing?

Learn how 3D printing takes a computer model and turns it into an object using various materials.

What’s New?

Discover what’s new from Tiger Prints 3D, learn about 3D printing, and the 3D industry on the blog.

Design Services

Explore design services to find an artist to create your next model and what to expect when printing.